Rediscovering You…As Christian women in our fabulous 40’s and beyond it is so easy to be taunted by our past or even live in the fear of the unknown of our future because our seasons have changed so much by the time we reach our mid 40’s and we may not recognize who we are anymore. This is an extraordinary journey I have been on with the Lord and now I have developed this journey into a program for other women in their fabulous 40’s and beyond that maybe where I was.

6 Steps to rediscovering You

1) By learning and rediscovering my identity in Christ it has helped me heal from trauma because I am undoubtedly seeing how much God loves me, is patient with me, wants the best for me, and He chose me.

2) By acknowledging and making peace with my past it has caused me to submit to the Lord and be that onion that is ready to be peeled. By God peeling back my layers He is showing me how past hurts and fears have produced roots that affect certain behaviors of mine.

3) By embracing my present, I am able to have grace for my human. As Joyce Meyer says “I may not be where I want to be but thank God, I am not where I used to be.”

4) By actively practicing Self-Care for my body as well as my Spirit and Mind it has been doing wonders to begin to restore my health all around.

5) By seeking the Lord to show me my life transitions through His eyes I am now able to look back with His wisdom and see what He was doing.

6) By sitting with the Lord and seeking His desired direction in my life and listening for His leading it has enabled me to cast the vision He has for me vs. me casting my own vision and this empowers me to boldly walk out His purpose for my life.I sincerely hope this has helped you.

If you would like more information concerning working with me, I am offering 30-minute discovery calls concerning us working with each other on your journey to rediscovering you and empowering you to boldly walk out your God-given purpose.

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Shannon has miraculously survived two rounds of cancer, fled domestic violence, and lived in shelters with three small children as a single parent. That was all within five challenging years from 2006-2011. She was determined to not quit and undoubtedly knew God would bring extraordinary beauty from her ashes, and He did. Shannon is presently an 11X Self-Published Author, Certified Life-Coach, Ordained Minister, Founder of Rebuilt By Grace Ministries, Inc. and Owner of Unleash Your Voice, LLC.

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