Shannon Turner is an 8X Author, Speaker, Mentor, Entrepreneur, and Social Media Influencer.

My purpose is to empower women to reclaim their lives and unleash their powerful voices.

My Story

In a 5-year time span, Shannon fled an abusive marriage with her three children, lived in several shelters, and fought cancer twice. Shannon has now been cancer free almost 10 years, happily married, homeschooling her kids, 8X Author, and is on a personal mission to let women know they are not alone and God loves them and has a powerful purpose for their lives. She has perfected the craft of turning her pain into a powerful message of hope to the hurting and has developed workshops and programs that have empowered women to fully embrace their God-given purpose and rise from their ashes.

She desires to EMPOWER YOU to stop being quiet about your story and UNLEASH YOUR POWERFUL VOICE through YOUR MESSAGE because the world needs to hear from YOU!

Shannon is a mentor on strategic breakthroughs for women to discover the power behind their story. Shannon teaches women to confidently walk in their power to positively impact their established communities.

Book Shannon Turner to inspire and empower your audiences and through her remarkable testimony of overcoming domestic violence, her incredible journey through single parenthood, poverty, homelessness, and surviving cancer twice. That was all in just a five-year span of time. Shannon is presently an eight-time Author, Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Mentor, & Co-founder of Girlfriends & Coffee Networking Group. She is remarried, and cancer free for almost 10 years.

Her life symbolizes “The Comeback.” God has literally turned her smoldering ashes into extraordinary beauty.