This book is dedicated to women who have been broken at times by life. You may have been abused in your childhood, relationship, marriage, or in so many other various forms this horrible pain comes in but yet like the Phoenix you still rise. My prayer is through reading this book you will realize you are not alone! You are loved and seen by God, and there is hope. $20

In The Deadliness of Busyness, Shannon Turner shares her powerful journey from when God called her to a 12-week sabbatical. This time away from all social media, meetings, events, and pretty much all things business-related changed her life. Shannon has struggled with being a workaholic for much of her adult life and it was creating a hamster wheel lifestyle. She was spinning her wheels but going nowhere fast. She was the essence of the saying “Jack of all trades but a master of none.”The calendar you see on the cover was her typical schedule but only show about 70% of what she was actually doing. Her social media also went from 600 to 5,000 in six weeks during this time and that was just the beginning. Her first wake-up call to slow down came one day when she doubled over from chest pain and her family thought she was going to pass away right in front of them. Unfortunately, that did not fully wake her up because she was so focused on building her business she forgot how to build a life. It wasn’t until God called her away from everything that she was able to see the damage her hamster wheel lifestyle had caused to her family and friends. She has learned valuable lessons to intentionally create her work/life rhythm that will serve her as well as her family. In this book, you will learn how to work smarter and not harder. You will learn valuable lessons of conducting an honest inventory of where you are now, how not to live in the dream but build the dream, come back from burnout, create intentional panning, and much more. $20

Join us on a remarkable journey of God’s faithfulness when it comes to our finances. Story after faith-filled story we see how God works behind the scenes with provision for His daughters. We see how He makes a way where there sees to be no way. If you are struggling with your faith meeting your finances we invite you along for this Bible Study of hope. $20

We dedicate this book to you dear family that may find yourselves within the valley of debt. Our family learned that some of our greatest trials can be our greatest teachers. Please fully understand that even in your darkest times God is with you every step of the way. $15

This book is dedicated to anyone who has endured financial hardship that had you questioning where God was. I want you to know He is right there by your side. $15

Jesus is our rescue! We so need to look up and scream out, “Help Help Help,” while waving our hands, and do what we need to do to get his attention. Most of the people that were assisted in the Bible were the ones who were desperately running after Jesus. $15

Welcome to the study of Nehemiah. The book of Nehemiah is one of my absolute favorites because we undoubtedly see an example of bold leadership, fierce faith, impeccable work ethic, and passionate determination to finish strong what the Lord places on our hearts despite being surrounded by naysayers, dream killers, and doubters. Our first week together we are diving into the sometimes-daunting task of staying focused on our God-given task while dealing with people who may eagerly want to see us fail or merely do not quite understand why we are doing what we are doing. Permit me to encourage you to not quit whatever God has placed in your heart. Sure, other people may not understand but that is because God did not give them the assignment, He gave you the assignment. You are not alone!!! $15