God Works Through the Church

We are the body of Christ.

It was such a difficult time in my life.  I felt like life was caving in on me.  A close family member had a terminal diagnosis, I was just getting out of a VERY bad marriage and suddenly raising three children on my own and living in a transitional housing program and on papers it stated “homeless”, I was also re-diagnosed with Cancer.  These events all happened within a few short years of each other.  It was almost unbelievable and really too much to bear.

BUT GOD!  Yes, but God is always good.  He providentially and divinely guided me and my children to the Kirk Church in Dunedin where I was embraced and loved by the ladies of the women’s minsitry, and I was fed good solid spiritual food by the wonderful Pastor Jerry.  While we can feel God’s presence in our quiet times, in our times of tears and sorrow that we have in our own private moments, it is really in our times with other believers that God does His most powerful healing work.

If you are not involved in a church, please consider reaching out and asking a friend who attends a church, or email or FB us here at VWN.  We are many women who attend many churches all over this area, and we will all help you find a place where you can feel nurtured and loved, even during the darkest moments of your life.

God did not intend for us to journey through life alone.  He loves us through the church.

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