‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’ –Dr. Seuss

Authors Unleashed

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Christian Authors Telling Their Stories for God’s Glory

I am so thankful that you are taking the brave step to write your book. Your story matters, your experience matters, you matter!! Your story maybe the very key needed to unlock someone from their prison of shame. You may change a life. These steps are to get you started and ready to go. You can treat this as a 12 Week program (writing one chapter a week) or go at your own pace. 12-16 weeks is plenty of time to write, enter your editing process, publish, and begin a marketing journey. If you choose to do this program at your own pace, please still set yourself deadlines per chapter and set a deadline for completing your manuscript. I suggest that because the enemy loves to distract us from completing our assignments.

I will be teaching authors through this program how to self-publish their book on KDP Amazon using Word. I do not focus on #1 Best Seller status but more on creating a book to change a life. If you need personalized assistance you may book a paid hourly Zoom consultation with me for $67 an hour.

If you desire to begin a Speaking Career, Coaching Career, Host Events, and more than the be sure to check out the Bonus Sections in the course..

Here are common pain points that will stop an aspiring author from becoming a published author:

Feeling Overwhelmed

With this course you have a step by step guide to not only writing your book but also how to present your book and further.

Too Busy to Write

With this course, there are various time management exercises that will assist you in carving out the DEDICATED time to write. With these time-management exercises, it will also assist you in seeing where your time is really going.

Lack of Clarity of Your Book’s Message and Your Target Reader

With this course you will be asked this multiple times and each time you will have the opportunity to keep niching it down and gaining further clarity.

A little about me:

The possibilities are endless for you. Use your book and master how to tell your story and focus on inspiring people. When we focus on serving others opportunities will present themselves to generate additional income for our business. 

Here are my accolades…

• Written 15 Books and 3 coaching programs well now 6 (3 versions of this writing course)
• Been interviewed on multiple shows
• Featured in several documentaries
• Radio Show Host of my own show
• Keynote Speaker
• Conference Creator
• Workshop Creator
• Networking Group Co-Creator
• Mastermind Host and Creator
• Ordained Minister
• Certified Life Coach
• Book Writing Consultant
• Podcast
• Internet Show

Before you get too impressed I want you to know I was on my 5th book before anyone knew I wrote books because I was a shy gal. Someone found out about Fat Girl Chronicles (my 5th book) and suggested I did a formal book release party. I did the book release party and within 6 weeks I had the offer for my own radio show and about 80% of what you see here blossomed from releasing that book with the really weird name. I do not wait to be invited to speak at other people’s events but instead, I create events and platforms for other people to share their stories.

Where will your book lead you?

Course Disclaimer and Copyright

This course and its videos, documents, and other content have been produced by Shannon L. Turner. When you purchase our Authors Unleashed Courses, you agree that the course is to inform you on how to write a book. This course is designed to take you step by step from book idea to self-published book on KDP Amazon. You will receive suggestions on how to further use your book, but we make no claims for your accomplishments. The information in our course by no means encompasses fully the range of writing a book because book writing is a vast industry and there are many ways you can write a book. If additional help is needed you may purchase a paid hourly Zoom consultation for $67 an hour. All purchases are final and there will not be refunds. By purchasing this course, you also agree All the materials provided by the instructor (Shannon L. Turner) in this course, and the groups are for the use of the individuals enrolled in the course. Anything seen in this course and the groups are copyrighted and there is to be no sharing, copying, or presenting of the materials in this course.

Once you make your payment you will need to be personally invited into the course through email. Please email teamunleashed7@gmail.com and let our team know which course you selected and we will email you the invitation for that course.

P.S. I am an avid researcher and you will see in this course I provided some amazing articles that I came across so you can learn from them as well

Books Books and More Books

Join Leah Anderson on her remarkable journey through her diary entries of healing and finding the genuine power of “Unleashing Her Voice” as she tells her compelling story of fleeing domestic violence, being a single parent, and surviving cancer twice

Leah like so many other women turned to food to numb her pain vs. turning to God to heal her from the pain. Leah’s journey is one of overcoming insurmountable odds through faith, family, friends, therapy, and a support group. Leah realized by changing her perception she could change her life. $20

Join us on a remarkable journey of God’s faithfulness when it comes to our finances. Story after faith-filled story we see how God works behind the scenes with provision for His daughters. We see how He makes a way where there sees to be no way. If you are struggling with your faith meeting your finances we invite you along for this Bible Study of hope. $20

Do you feel overcommitted and on the verge of burn-out? If you answered yes…then this book is for you! Learn how to take your power back by setting strong boundaries and letting your yes be yes and your no be no. $20

Jesus is our rescue! We so need to look up and scream out, “Help Help Help,” while waving our hands, and do what we need to do to get his attention. Most of the people that were assisted in the Bible were the ones who were desperately running after Jesus. $15
Welcome to the study of Nehemiah. The book of Nehemiah is one of my absolute favorites because we undoubtedly see an example of bold leadership, fierce faith, impeccable work ethic, and passionate determination to finish strong what the Lord places on our hearts despite being surrounded by naysayers, dream killers, and doubters. Our first week together we are diving into the sometimes-daunting task of staying focused on our God-given task while dealing with people who may eagerly want to see us fail or merely do not quite understand why we are doing what we are doing. Permit me to encourage you to not quit whatever God has placed in your heart. Sure, other people may not understand but that is because God did not give them the assignment, He gave you the assignment. You are not alone!!! $15
This book is dedicated to anyone who has endured financial hardship that had you questioning where God was. I want you to know He is right there by your side. $15

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