The Importance of a Crumbling Foundation

In this beautiful neighborhood, there is an old abandon house. At one essential point in time, the house was as beautiful as the other houses, but the owners left, and the house was now abandoned. The neighborhood wanted this house knocked down and leveled so that a new beautiful house could be built in its place. See, that abandoned house had sat there unoccupied…no life inside…no joy left…and the enemies of the neighborhood began taking up residence inside that old previously beautiful now abandoned house. The city decides they will step in and demolish the crumbling foundation of the abandoned once the beautiful house in order to rebuild a new healthier house for the neighborhood.

Dear Friend,
I don’t know about you, but I have experienced crumbling foundations before. My crumbling foundations came in the form of relationships, friendships, businesses, etc…and I would have a level 10 temper tantrum full of “God, I don’t understand why this is happening!!!” and my favorite, “WWHHYYYY MMMMMEEEEE?”

Life has taught me to step back when things crumble and begin to seek God for wisdom on why a friendship ended, or business came to a standstill, etc.. and what I found was my life was becoming a lot like the old abandon house and the enemy was now trying to take up residence. 

See, there were certain areas in my life God was trying to tell me “Shannon, the season is upon this project/relationship/, etc… and I have something else for you now.”
I am not one who likes to quit and that is what it felt like I would be doing so I tried to hold on with all my might and make those areas work out. Nothing I did worked, and I mean nnnnoooottthhhiiinnngggg lol did I say nothing…. ok just wanted to make sure I was clear lol. When I finally came to the end of my efforts I would pray for wisdom. I move alot quicker now when I see God directing me to a new season.

The wisdom I received was many things in our life are seasonal. Friendships, relationships, ways of doing business, even ministry are seasonal. When we overstay our season, our foundation will begin to crumble. The owner of the house has left aka the anointing from God on those areas had left because it was time for a new season. When you walk with God, we must learn the art of being flexible and move when He says “Move” and stay when He says “Stay” Some of us are called to be builders and when we have built or helped build something and now it thrives on its own we will be called to leave and go help develop the next project. When we are called to be the planters and we overstay our seasons the foundation will crumble.

The crumbling does not have to always mean something bad. If we turn to God and ask for wisdom then many times we may see that the season was up, or we took it into our hands and did it in our own strength, or we may have made an idol out of those specific areas. 

Dear friend,
I enthusiastically encourage you to willingly embrace your crumbling foundation and promptly turn to God for divine wisdom and learn from what He says. Remember, He is in the resurrection process.

Let it Crumble

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Posted by Shannon Turner on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Shannon has miraculously survived two rounds of cancer, fled domestic violence, and lived in shelters with three small children as a single parent. That was all within five challenging years from 2006-2011. She was determined to not quit and undoubtedly knew God would bring extraordinary beauty from her ashes, and He did. Shannon is presently an 11X Self-Published Author, Certified Life-Coach, Ordained Minister, Founder of Rebuilt By Grace Ministries, Inc. and Owner of Unleash Your Voice, LLC.

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