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My family has helped me to establish boundaries around my schedule to safeguard my family’s time and my business schedule. This empowers me to maintain my optimum intentional rhythm flow to ensure I am not taking on too many projects.

If I am low on energy I do not hesitate to rest because I have learned to value, the signals my body sends me. If my stress level is climbing I, then take the time to mentally process what is causing my stress to increase. These are just a few techniques I have.

I met with a counselor during my 12-week sabbatical and it was incredibly freeing. I expressed to her about the struggles I have with focusing, scattered thoughts, and being impulsive. I asked her if I had ADD or was, I am imagining these difficulties. When she said I was a classic case but would need further testing to officially diagnose me with ADD I felt validated. I was determined to protect my attention span and guard myself from getting overwhelmed. I prayed for God to teach me how to maximize the creativity I have and hone in the concentration I seek.

Now, I do not hesitate to speak up for myself and tell others that certain issues are too much at one time. God has also taught me to go one step at a time with projects. I do not move to step 2 without step 1 being completed with excellence. For instance, while writing this book I have not taken on any new projects and have turned away several due to the fact I knew I would get distracted and not finish this book. That has been self-care for me.

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Shannon has miraculously survived two rounds of cancer, fled domestic violence, and lived in shelters with three small children as a single parent. That was all within five challenging years from 2006-2011. She was determined to not quit and undoubtedly knew God would bring extraordinary beauty from her ashes, and He did. Shannon is presently an 11X Self-Published Author, Certified Life-Coach, Ordained Minister, Founder of Rebuilt By Grace Ministries, Inc. and Owner of Unleash Your Voice, LLC.


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