Did you know in school I was diagnosed with a slow learning disability due to brain seizures?
Did you know when my ths levels climb that I have trouble arranging the accurate words and speaking?
Did you know that it’s challenging for me to read books because of my concentration level drifts?
Did you know I have a difficult time reading out loud because when I talk the words don’t make a lot of sense?
No, you probably didn’t know much of that.

What you do know is I’m extremely thorough when learning a new task and I study things aaalllooottt to make sure I got it.
Due to the difficulty staying focused when reading it makes me a great discovery reader for my authors because I see areas for further development in their writings and ask them,” Tell me more here…what were you feeling, bring me in deeper there, etc…” I realize we live in a busy time, and people are buying books but not a lot are finishing them and I’m able to offer insight into how to keep your reader engaged because most books I feel are not connecting with me enough to keep me engaged.
Due to being unable to with ease read out loud, it has empowered me to memorize my talks and be quick on my feet with speeches and because of that, I’m able to take on new opportunities quickly or fill in for someone at the last moment.
I shared all that to say whatever you perceive as your “weakness” may just be a strength you haven’t discovered yet.

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Shannon has miraculously survived two rounds of cancer, fled domestic violence, and lived in shelters with three small children as a single parent. That was all within five challenging years from 2006-2011. She was determined to not quit and undoubtedly knew God would bring extraordinary beauty from her ashes, and He did. Shannon is presently an 11X Self-Published Author, Certified Life-Coach, Ordained Minister, Founder of Rebuilt By Grace Ministries, Inc. and Owner of Unleash Your Voice, LLC.

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