Did I miss my destiny?

Are my best days behind me? Oh girlfriend how I remember those conversations with the Lord.

God, can you really use me even at this age? On and on this conversation goes with the Lord. God has been really working with me and helping me understand that no matter my age and what I have been through… I can still fulfill His purpose for my life. I wanted to just pass the message onto you and let you know that He is not done with you and your best days are awaiting you.

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Shannon has miraculously survived two rounds of cancer, fled domestic violence, and lived in shelters with three small children as a single parent. That was all within five challenging years from 2006-2011. She was determined to not quit and undoubtedly knew God would bring extraordinary beauty from her ashes, and He did. Shannon is presently an 11X Self-Published Author, Certified Life-Coach, Ordained Minister, Founder of Rebuilt By Grace Ministries, Inc. and Owner of Unleash Your Voice, LLC.

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